Salaams and Good Morning !

This week we are continuing our theme on learning from the past before moving forward.

Today let us reflect on life lessons learnt from this past year. These lessons could include reflections on what you did that worked, what you did that did not work, lessons learnt in challenging times and/or blessings and opportunities that you discovered even amidst set backs.

In fact, it is generally in challenging times that we step back, take stock and reflect on what we have learnt and/or can do differently.

So go ahead, and take a moment to reflect and write down the life lessons that you have learnt this past year. By distilling these lessons and turning them into wisdom, we can learn from the past and not repeat our mistakes (of course we can always make new mistakes :))

Here are some life lessons from challenging situations to reflect on. It can be difficult to write them in positive terms so that we are not embittered by our experiences and we so that we many continue to live with positivity, purpose and peace.

You can only control yourself. You may wish that others behave in a certain way and you can always pray for them. They will still make choices independent of your wishes and prayers.

You may have good intentions, work hard and even pray hard. You are still only in charge of the process. The outcome is never in your control. Sometimes even with hard work and good intentions, things may not work out as you planned. At times like these, we can only keep acting within our circle of control and have faith.

Even if prayers do not change difficult situations, they will make you stronger and more able to cope with these situations.

It can be challenging to ask for help. However, we do not get any medals for going through challenges alone. Many people are happy to support you if you reach out and ask for help. It is far better to be sad amongst friends than to be sad alone.

When you are experiencing challenging situations, it is helpful to build a circle of care around you. Your circle of care may consist of internal resources, friends and professional resources.

Even during the most challenging times, there is more right with the world than wrong. There is far more to be grateful for than to complain about. If we expand our awareness and notice things that are right as well as things that are not so, it makes everything easier.

So go ahead and write down some life lessons that you have learnt this past year. And do please share them if you feel called to do so!

Wishing you a day full of positivity, purpose and peace.
Warm blessings


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