Salaams !

What is your parenting philosophy? What strategies or practrices align with this philosopy? How are they working to build the kind of family life that you hope for?

Strange [and challenging] questions right?

Most of the time when we are raising children, we are too busy in the busyness of everyday life to step back and reflect on such things -or even consider what are ultimate goals and desires are for our children and whether our parenting strategies are meeting those goals.

Please do not feel bad about not thinking of such difficult topics. Most of us are on autopilot most of the time [and modern life is perfectly designed to keep us on autopilot!!]. And this is not always a bad thing. It is only problematic if things are not working out as you would like.

If you would benefit from some compassionate, judgement-free support on your parenting journey, do consider signing up for this pilot project. The details are below and I am almost at capacity for the Lifetime Founding Member offer. Will be closing doors in a couple of days so do act now if this is something you would consider.


A subscription-based membership hub for parents full of resources and community support to:

1.     Parent intentionally

2.     Be compassionate towards ourselves as mothers and

3.     Build strong Muslim families.

There are many things we still need to work out and details that need to be decided. But first – before I go any further with this -  I need to check if this would be something useful for parents like yourself.

And that’s why I’d love to extend an early invitation to you. I want you to be part of this… especially if you’re willing to help me shape this idea.

When this offer is extended to the general public, I anticipate the starting price for this to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $27 – 37 USD per month.

I'm opening up a very limited number of lifetime spots [only for women at this point] into my membership for just $200 USD.

This means that you'll get to be a member for the life of the membership without ever paying a monthly fee like everyone else. This will help me off-set some of the costs of developing the membership and the membership platform so that it provides the best experience for members.

But here's the catch… I'm only offering this to a very limited number of mothers like you who are already part of my inner circle and who know and support the work. And if this idea is to move forward and be sustainable, I can only do this for a few parents who are ready to make the commitment now, without knowing all the details. The lifetime option for this membership at this price will not be offered again.

So if this is something that interests you, please vote with your wallet by signing up here and let me know that you are ready to be a part of this pilot project.

Once the minimum number of parents sign up, I will start working on it asap, and will inshallah launch it next month or so for the founding members.

If you do sign up by paying the $200USD and it turns out there is not enough interest to make this project feasible, I will of course return your investment and focus on to other ways to support you.

Thank you so much for reading this far! If you have any questions, please do ask by replying to this email.

And if you are ready, now, please go ahead and sign up.

I will make the announcement about initial details in the next couple of weeks inshallah.
Warm blessings

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