Salaams and Good Morning !

Let’s briefly recap what to consider while writing our end of year review for last year. Doing this can greatly enhance learning about what worked and what we need to do differently this year.

Remember that it helps to break up our lives into the various domains of work, relationships, health and service to make this more accurate and meaningful. You do not have to review every domain of course, but it does help to consider the domains where you experienced the greatest challenges or successes.

So here are the questions:

1)   What went well? What were your successes?

2)   What did not go well? Where did you stumble?

3)   What are your greatest regrets? How closely did you miss success in this area? Were the stumbles a result of outside influences over which you had little or no control or were they the direct or indirect result of your own actions and mistakes?

4)   What were your biggest time wasters this past year?

5)   What life lessons did you learn? Remember to write them out in positive terms (that is not from a base of bitterness or anger, or blaming others but while taking responsibility)

6)   What are you most grateful for?

7)   Who do you need to thank?

As always, the exercise will be most rewarding if you complete it intentionally while not trying to do it perfectly or overthinking it.

Wishing you a day full of positivity, purpose and peace.
Warm blessings


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