Salaams !

As 2022 comes to an end, many of us find ourselves hoping that things will be better in the coming year.

And while hope for a brighter future may keep us alive and help us get through challenging times, did you know that there is science behind the emotion of hope?

Hope starts with a belief: a belief that a better or brighter future is possible. Without this belief, we are literally ‘hope-less’.

Rick Snyder in The Psychology of Hope and his protégé Shane Lopez in Making Hope Happen explain that hope has three core components.

Firstly, we need to have a vision for an inspiring future. We need an inspiring goal, a belief that a brighter future is possible.

Secondly, we need a sense of agency, a confidence that we can take action to make that vision for a better future a reality.

Thirdly, we  need a plan: a plan to actualize and bring into being that vision of a better future.

Of course, as we begin to put our plan into action, it is inevitable that we will hit obstacles and that things will not go according to our plan.

And this is why you need multiple plans and pathways [a plan B, C, D and beyond] and the willingness to create new pathways and put them into action as and when you discover the original plans not working out.

So, what specifically are you hoping for in the coming year? In which areas of your life?

Do you:

1.    Believe that it is possible?

2.    Have an inspiring vision to accompany that belief?

3.    Believe that you have the capacity to work towards it?

4.    Have a plan of action in place?

5.    Have alternate pathways of action when you discover obstacles and snags in your original plan?

Yes? Ok, Alhamdullilah you are good to go!

If you would like some support in realizing your hopes, consider joining our workshop series on "Essential Practices for an Awesome 2023".

All the details are here and registration closes tomorrow!

In any case, please take good care of yourself this holiday season and may all your hopes be realised in the best possible way in the coming year inshallah!

Warm blessings and duas

Here is the link again if you want to check out the Workshop series on Essential Practices for an Awesome 2023

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