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Yesterday we discussed how happy couples believe that when their spouse does something positive, it is just like them.

However, this does NOT mean that they take their actions for granted. It means that they do notice the positive things that their spouse does.

And that they regularly verbally appreciate their spouse for doing these things.

What is the best way to say thank you? Be specific about what action pleased you and why it meant so much. This does take a little more effort than a simple thank you but it means so much more.

Let’s consider some examples:

Thank you for helping me pack yesterday. I was relieved to have your help so that I did not forget anything.
I really appreciate help with Ahmed’s homework. I tend to get easily frustrated when he does not get it immediately. I love how patient you are in this situation.
I was so relieved when I went out and saw that the driveway had already been shovelled. I was not looking forward to getting the car out and it made me very happy that I could drive out easily.
I love how you make my family so welcome. I know that my brother can be abrasive but you still make an effort with him. I really appreciate it.

What are you going to appreciate your spouse for today?

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