Salaams !

I am so grateful that so many of you took time to fill in the survey I sent out last week. Your feedback is so very helpful in designing products and services that meet your needs and make your life a little bit easier.

I wanted to share some insights from what I discovered from the answers.

Here is generally what many of you shared [your own answers may have been slightly or very different of course]

Although many of you are successful professionals, you define yourselves firstly in terms of your family roles. This is important because when family life is not working, it causes you great distress.

You struggle with negative thinking, anxiety, worry, being triggered by strong emotions and feeling guilty if you act on those strong emotions. You hold yourself to a very high standard and are quite critical of yourself when you do not meet your own high standards.

In relationships, you care deeply about family relationships and work hard to keep everyone happy. You struggle to communicate your needs and to speak up. You would love to set some boundaries in challenging relationships but often feel quite guilty when you say no as family and their happiness means a lot to you. You aspire towards patience but find yourself getting angry and impatient at times [welcome to being human!] and then you feel bad about yourself. You crave intimacy but sometimes find it challenging to open up to loved ones about how you are really feeling.

You cope with these challenges by listening to inspirational talks by religious scholars and motivational speakers, and sometimes social media influencers. Prayer and reflection is important to you. Some of you are seeking therapy and using other therapeutic coping strategies as well.

Your real life mentors are one or both of your parents and other family members. Your virtual mentors are religious speakers and Instagram influencers, especially those that speak to your challenges in a public way. [by the way, humbled and honoured to be mentioned by some of you as a virtual mentor]

Did I leave something important out? If so, I am listening! Please reach out and let me know.
Information about the Free Training

For those of you who have signed up for the free online training: Turning Failure into Fertilizer for Growth, I will be in touch separately with more details. The training will be in mid-July and recording will be available to those that have signed up.

Pilot mindfulness program

I would also like to introduce you to a brand new pilot program I am running in July called "Moments of Mindfulness". This program which will run the whole month of July will be delivered through an app where you will get short mindfulness and self-awareness practices three times a week.

The focus will be on slowing down, savouring simple pleasures, reducing stress in our bodies and growing an abiding sense of peace and calm within. These simple and powerful evidence based tools can be very effective in managing our strong thoughts and emotions and helping us deal with life and its challenges in a grounded and balanced way and in increasing our overall sense of wellbeing.

Since this is a pilot program on a new platform, I have made it as accessible as possible. Also, I have to keep numbers very small. In case you are interested, registration is now open and the program will start in a couple of days.

Here is the link to register.

Warm blessings, gratitude and duas


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