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The spiritual teacher Ram Dass once said: If you think you are enlightened, go home and spend a week with your family!

Can you relate to this?

So many of us struggle with mainting our sense of self and calm when we are triggered by those closest to us. Family get togethers and gatherings can be very challenging. One insensitve remark or criticism can send us off ruminating and upset for days.

Whether we react outwardly or not, there is lots of inner turnoil and rumination going on. Our mind is full of things we wish we could say. Whatever we do or say, we are likely to be replaying the scenario in our heads for days [or more!] on end.  And we may not feel good about how we reacted.

Sound familiar?

I am running a mini-workshop in a few days where  we will develop and practice fun and effective ways to manage ourselves in such situations so that we dont end up feeling bad about our reactions. The practices are lighthearted yet effective in maintaining our sense of inner calm during challenging interactions with loved ones.

Interested? Here are the details:
Building your trigger taming toolkit mini workshop for women
When: Saturday 19th November at 11am EST- 12.30pmEST
Wednesday 23rd November at 7.30pm - 9pm EST
[you can attend either or both days]

Recordings: Yes

How much: 37USD until November 12th

Registration link:
Here is the link:

Questions? Please ask by replying to this email.

Warm blessings

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