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Today’s OTL (opportunity to love) can be done all on your own.

The practice is to intentionally think positive thoughts about your loved one when they are not present with you.

It is clear that how and what we think about our marriage and our spouses has an impact on our relationships because it ends up influencing the way we act and the way we talk to our loved ones.

When we intentionally bring to mind something we like about our loved ones, some kindness or love that they have shown us or some pleasant interaction that we may have had in the past, it allows our heart to soften towards them. And then when we do see them, we end up acting in more loving ways.  

Of course this practice can be quite challenging when we are going through a tough time. AND this is exactly when we need it the most.

So go ahead. Set a reminder if you have to.

Intentionally pause during your day and think loving thoughts about your significant other. Then savour and hold onto these thoughts for at least 15 seconds. (This is the time it takes for a thought to begin to change our brain chemistry and release the love hormones)

For at least 15 seconds, intentionally soften your heart and allow yourself to smile at the memory or the thought.

Repeat often for best results :)

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Wishing you a day full of positivity, purpose and peace.
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