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Over the last few weeks, we have shared many ways to hack your marriage. Here is the list of hacks. Which one is your favourite?

[Daily Wisdom #538] What is a hack?
1 [Daily Wisdom #539] A list of what you love
2 [Daily Wisdom #540] A list of what annoys you
3 [Daily Wisdom #541] Apply the stranger standard
4 [Daily Wisdom #542] Get more sleep
5 [Daily Wisdom #543] Look up
6 [Daily Wisdom #543] Play footsie or hold hands
7 [Daily Wisdom #545] Show off (a little)
8 [Daily Wisdom #546] Yield to win
9 [Daily Wisdom #547] Show enthusiasm for their field of expertise      10 [Daily Wisdom #548] Wear rose coloured glasses                                 11 [Daily Wisdom #549] Think: That’s just like them!
12[Daily Wisdom #550] Say thank you
13 [Daily Wisdom #551] Be a friendly observer
14 [Daily Wisdom #552] Hack your marriage in 6 hours
15 [Daily Wisdom #553] Be intentional about goodbyes
16 [Daily Wisdom #554] Be intentional about greetings
17 [Daily Wisdom #555] Admire and appreciate your spouse.                   18 [Daily Wisdom #556] Express affection                                            19 [Daily Wisdom #557] Go on a date                                                    20 [Daily Wisdom #558] Have a State of the Union Meeting
21 [Daily Wisdom #559] come up with your own hack

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