Salaams !

When you are feeling happy, sad, anxious or grumpy, do you share your feelings with your loved ones?

Or, do you, celebrate, seethe or suffer in silence, leaving those around you to wonder what is up with you?
Next time you are going through strong emotions, consider sharing these with those around you.

Here are 6 reasons why this is a good idea:
1)   When we give name our feelings rather than acting them out, we give ourselves and each other the gift of connection rather conflict. Sharing our inner world is the gateway to intimacy and connection.
2)   When we announce where we are at emotionally, we take responsibility for our own state rather than blame those around us for causing our distress.
3)   When we declare that we are having a hard time right now, we relieve others around us of thinking that they are the cause. They then do not have to walk on eggshells around us.
4)    When we are emotionally open, it gives our family something they need desperately right now: certainty. Rather than guessing if or why we are upset, they can hear in our own words the source of our concern.
5)    When we are brave about sharing our own feelings, it opens the door for others to do the same. Vulnerability is hard and if we can be brave about going first, it will create a family culture where it is okay to speak up about our internal world.
6)    Speaking up about what is going on with us makes it much less likely that we will act out or unleash our feelings on others. It makes it more likely that we will learn to accept feelings and act on our values rather than on momentary impulses.

0fcourse, in order to share our feelings, we must first be in tune with our internal worlds.

And that is what we are exploring and practicing this month in the Mental and Emotional Mastery Membership for women.

If you are considering checking this out, please hurry because doors to the founding members close this weekend.

Warm blessings

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